Important steps becoming a Pro player

I’m ex-pro League of Legends player, ex-pro Paladins player and now waiting for game called Master X Master, and going pro in that game. My biggest Organization that I played for so far is Vexed Gaming.

Steps to become Pro player in video-games:

  1. Choose the right game for you, the one that you shine at and enjoy playing!
  2. Always be confident about your skills!!!
  3. Have the passion to play the game daily!
  4. Have the passion to become one of the best players!
  5. Practice and improve daily!
  6. Focus on your own mistakes, and work out how to prevent them happening again!
  7. Don’t overestimate enemies! It makes you feel afraid and perform worse than you really are (related to tip 2)
  8. Don’t underestimate enemies, even though you should be really confident about your skills, still you can’t underestimate the enemies since it usually leads to mistake.
  9. Don’t overextend! Know the limits what you can do without taking too big risks.
  10. Minimize risks as much as possible, most times only take risks that are REQUIRED, for example when you’re losing and you have to pull out something in order to have the chance to win.
  11. Respect your teammates (if its a team-game) even though if your team is bad, you won’t make it any better by blaming team! Just focus that you do your best.
  12. Play ranked matches, grind it and try to find a duo-partner who is as good as you are, play with him often and once you get even higher rank find another teammates. When you think you are good enough to go pro, or even semi-pro, get 5-player roster and practice as 5 man team -> when you are ready, attend at small tournaments, if you success with this team you soon get noticed and can attend at bigger tournaments, if you success here you’ll probably get noticed by organizations! Playing for organization is a big step for you, success in the organization will get you into even bigger organizations or if the org is big enough it gets sponsored fairly easily. Big organizations¬†should pay for the trips to LAN tournaments, organizations usually take 5-15% of the tournament victory money so you and your teammates still get 95-85% of the prizes! However if you don’t success with the 5-player roster your currently at, consider replacing the worst players in the team or create a whole new team with the best players from your previous team. Don’t be afraid making alot of roster changes, try to get as good team as possible.
  13. You should be able to play the game for atleast 4 hours per day and never take even 1-week breaks from the game (unless injury or something dramatic happens)
  14. Age 18+ is recommended before attending LAN tournaments, unless you drop out of school.